Danisa Butter Cookies Reviews, The Best Cookies You Ever Eaten

Gathering and relaxing with family is a really pleasant moment. Moreover, accompanied by a variety of delicious snacks as offerings for family members. One snack that is well known and legendary is Danisa Butter Cookies. This is one of the writer’s favorite snacks because it tastes delicious, crunchy, soft and crispy.

Danisa Butter Cookies are produced by people who are professional in their fields and are carried out very carefully. Cleanliness and hygiene in the production factors are of high concern. No wonder if it feels so well known in the past from its era to the present.

Danisa Butter Cookies

Danisa Butter Cookies is a special snack whose recipe is imported from Denmark with a precise and meticulous measure to produce a quality pastry product that tastes good. The amount of material processed is supervised by professional and reliable Master Bakers.

After going through various stages then the dough is made. This dough will also go through several stages of baking in the oven to make a crisp, soft and delicious cake. The process is quite long and not easy. This is why Danisa butter cookies are so loved by the public. Usually served for family gathering moments on holiday, or it could be for social gathering moments.

What’s interesting about these pastries, even though they are made from the same ingredients as flour flour, eggs, margarine and cake ingredients in general, I don’t know why they taste different. The taste is soft, crunchy and crunchy, of course I think there is a special recipe added to Danisa Butter Cookies.

The following are some choices of variants of Danisa Butter Cookies pastries.

1. Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies

This variant is a cake that is created from a combination of butter, milk and other quality ingredients that creates a crispy and savory cake.

2. Choco Cashew Butter Cookies

The next variant is Choco Cashew Butter Cookies. In this variant there is a distinct pleasure from cashews. With a variety of flavors that make the tongue constantly try with a smooth and crisp texture when bitten, it certainly can block your hunger.

3. Currant Butter Cookies

In this variant there is a combination of Traditional Butter Cookies and raisin fruit topping so the taste will be very unique but certainly delicious and delicious.

How would you like to try these butter cookies?


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